Heya, we’re SMASH!

A little app with huge ambitions! SMASH is on a mission to help everyone save money and live healthier lives.

What's SMASH?

SMASH - Save Money and Stay Healthy - is an exciting new app that gives money off better food options at the places you love to eat.

One third of 10-18 year olds are overweight or obese, rising to 50% for those between the ages of 19-30.  SMASH was founded with the mission to make better-for-you food and drink options (that taste great!) accessible to all young people to help them develop a better relationship with food from a young age - helping them to live healthier lives into adulthood.  We believe that by giving SMASH discounts to under 25s for free and shining a light on the healthier options in restaurants, supermarkets and online, we can have the biggest impact!

We've heard the feedback that we should make SMASH available to EVERYONE and we've listened - so SMASH 25+ was born!  All of the same great offers for a small fee for anyone 25 years old and over. Giving you access to proper discounts on proper food and helping us to make the world a healthier place for all young people!

The brainchild of ex-KFC board member Chris Holmes (now Chief SMASHer and founder of SMASH), ably assisted by finance whizz Mark Currie and Ella's Kitchen founder Paul Lindley as chair.

SMASH proudly partners with Impact on Urban Health (formerly Guy's & St Thomas' charity), with support from Bite Back 2030, to make better food easier to find and more accessible for the 9 million 13-24 year olds in the UK!

SMASH - Save Money And Stay Healthy

Who's Behind SMASH?

Hey, I’m Chris (aka Chief SMASHer). I founded SMASH with one big ambition - to make better balanced food easier to find, cheaper and more accessible for the 9 million 13-24 year olds (and now everyone with SMASH 25+!) in the UK.

Having spent a huge part of my career in the world’s biggest retailers and food outlets (being MD at ASK Italian, ex Boots and pioneering KFC’s infamous Colonel’s Club), I decided it was time to up my game and change the system for the better, supporting people in making the better food choices cheaper and providing retailers with a wave of demand to encourage innovation in better foods! 

SMASH - Save Money. Stay Healthy. Make a difference.

Chris Holmes

Chief SMASHer

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The SMASHing Team

Meet the SMASHing team behind the SMASH app. (psst, hover over our images to see us in our younger years!)

Mark Currie

Chief Financial Officer

Tobi Owens

Head of Product

Izzy Aungier

Data & Range Analyst

Meet the SMASHing Board

Paul Lindley


Paul founded and led the mission-led, organic baby food business Ella’s Kitchen in 2006 selling it in 2013 for over $100M after it became the UK's biggest baby food brand, and today has various charitable and business interests. These include chairing the Mayor of London’s Childhood Obesity Taskforce which seeks to halve childhood obesity rates in London by 2030. He Is also on the Trustee board of Sesame Street and a chairman of Toast Ale, a social enterprise that takes surplus fresh bread to create great-tasting beer. Paul also heads up the human rights movement, Robert F Kennedy Foundation in the UK, and champions innovative new world-changing start-up ideas through the “just IMAGINE if...” programme, a collaboration with world-leading British universities. Paul, who qualified as an accountant with KPMG, has also twice been voted UK Entrepreneur of the Year (National Business Awards 2011, City AM Awards 2012)

Save £££ on healthier options in restaurants, supermarkets and online!

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