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We’re the newest, coolest kid on the block and we want YOU to join us. Why? Because we believe that by working together with business, we can create a sea-change within the food ecosystem in the UK!

Just a few of the reasons why you should join SMASH👇🏻! 


Be on the right side of the revolution

The food & drink environment is changing rapidly. We here at SMASH are pioneering a new approach so that brands can  make better food more accessible!


SMASH is yours

SMASH is your platform. Tell your brand story, select your discount, customise your product ranges, promote NPD launches and drive awareness and brand penetration.


Make a measurable difference

We can help track who engages with your brand and provide evidence to understand your ever growing customer base. You will also be part of the SMASH community and join a social mission to make eating well more affordable and accessible. As when we shine, you do too. 

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Save £££ on healthier options in restaurants, supermarkets and online!

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