Stress Awareness Month; How Cooking Can Alleviate Stress


Chief Marketing Officer, SMASH

After getting home from a busy, stressful day sometimes the last thing you want to do is cook a meal. So it may be surprising to hear that cooking can actually alleviate stress… we know, we were shocked too. But how? Grab your apron and take a look at the ways that SMASH can save you some stress and money…

Routine, babyyy

Taking the time to cook an evening meal is a great daily habit to get into. This is because having routines built into our lives is a great stress reliever. They add a moment of calm to our day to just focus on a simple task. 

You don’t need to be overly prepared either. Having a bag of Quorn Mince or Quorn Pieces in your freezer is perfect if you’re on the unprepared side of things. You don’t need to think about defrosting or keeping fresh and it is great to add to any dishes - we’re thinking curry, fajitas, chilli. You can even SMASH 50p off too! 

Let’s get social

You probably already knew that a great way to alleviate stress is by hanging out with your friends… but where does cooking come into this? Well, why not plan to cook a meal for your besties? You can show off your culinary skills whilst having a great evening. It gives you something to do, a task to prepare for and takes your mind off whatever may be stressing you out.

Not rating yourself as the next Jamie Oliver? Don’t worry, you can still host an amazing dinner party. Just pick a theme and everyone brings a dish. Tapas is a great option as you only have to focus on one small option. It’s a fun idea that will get the conversation flowing and guarantee lots of yummy food (if your friends can cook that is). 

Release your creativity 

Cooking is the perfect excuse to try something new. So, it may be time to ditch the recipes…shock horror! Experimenting with new flavours, combinations and even serving styles is a great way to get creative. Testing your creativity releases stress and stimulates different parts of the brain whilst giving you a sense of accomplishment for learning a new skill.

Why not head over to the SMASH app and pick a new ingredient to cook with? We’ve been loving getting creative with Better Nature Tempeh and trying it in new and exciting dishes. Remember to get 15% off on the app.

Over to you

So grab your favourite drink, pop on a playlist and get cooking - you’ll feel better for it. Don’t fancy cooking but want the benefits? We’ve got you covered. Weekly meal kits are a great way to cook without the fuss. No shopping, no planning just amazing food easily. Check out these SMASH favourites…

  • Hello Fresh - Choose your meal and get your fresh pre-portioned ingredients to your door. Get up to 50% off on the app and make amazing meals without the hassle.
  • Grubby - Let’s cook and boogie! Each easy-to-follow recipe comes with a Spotify playlist. Plant-based cooking just got a whole lot more fun and easy. SMASH 50% off on the app.
  • Simply cook - Looking for that burst of flavour? Get delicious recipes and flavour pots delivered to your door and just add your own ingredients. Get your free trial box with £1 P&P on the SMASH app today! 

It’s time to start cooking! Find your stress relief today with new and exciting recipes. We can’t wait to see how you use the amazing deals on the SMASH app. Remember to share your dishes with us on Instagram 

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Chief Marketing Officer, SMASH

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