Co-founder, CATCH Communications

Leading food brands from across industry have come together in support of our SMASH manifesto to “make healthier food better business”. It sets out a series of seven action points which have gathered the support of over 40 food businesses and campaigners.

One in three children are overweight or have obesity by the time they leave primary school - increasing to one in two by the time they reach 24 years old. This manifesto sets out opportunities for the food business to reach young people during these crucial teenage years.

It has been developed through focus group discussions and debate between young people, food brands and industry figures, including young advisors from Jamie Oliver’s Bite Back 2030, and influential leaders such as Paul Lindley, founder of Ella’s Kitchen and Chair of the London Child Obesity Taskforce, and Mahamad Hashi, founder of Brixton Soup Kitchen and Deputy Cabinet Member for Youth at Lambeth Council.

We believe healthier food can be better business and we hope you will join our movement.

You can read the manifesto here.


Co-founder, CATCH Communications

Nicole is the co-founder of Catch - a communications agency working with brands, like SMASH, that have a positive impact on the world. CATCH support high-growth companies transforming the way we work and live - tackling issues which will benefit the future of our health, work, travel and planet.

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