National Picnic Day: SMASH-Approved Picnic Ideas


Chief Marketing Officer, SMASH

You may not have known but it’s National Picnic Day on the 23rd of April, which may have just made our list of favourite days of the year. Delicious food, great weather (fingers crossed) and the perfect setting… don’t mind if we do. That’s why we’ve put together the SMASH guide to the perfect picnic food - enjoy!

It’s all about the nibbles

There's no doubt about it, the ideal picnic is a spread of all your favourite nibbles. Quorn is killing the picnic game with these meat-free amazing sides…

  • Cocktail Sausages - Would it really be a picnic without these? (hint - the answer is absolutely not). A twist on the usual classic, you best stock up. 
  • Creamy Korma Bites - Add a little spice to your picnic. Meat-free and delicious, what more could you want?
  • Garlic Herb Bites - We think we may have gone to meat-free picnic heaven. We don’t need to say anything other than you MUST try these 
  • Sweet Chili Mini Fillets - Perfect in mini wraps with salad or in a toastie, it’s time to test your picnic creativity.

As if it couldn’t get any better, you can SMASH 50p Quorn! Head on over to the app to check it out! 

Crisps are key

Within the category of nibbles, crisps are a whole other beast. Would it even be a picnic without the perfect crisps (we take food seriously, we know)? Our recommendation is Chika’s Roast Red Pepper Wholegrain Crisps for a healthy alternative to traditional crisps. They are an absolute taste sensation and you can get 20% off on the SMASH app. 

Pair Chika’s rice crisps with the ChicP Beetroot and Horseradish Hummus for the ultimate picnic treat. Low calorie and protein-rich, SMASH 20% off on the app. YUM!

Keeping things cooooool 

On to the drinks. Nothing will get you in the summer mood more than an iced coffee. Swap out your normal milk for the Moma Barista Edition Oat Drink with this delicious iced coffee recipe…

  1. Brew your espresso shot 
  2. Pour the coffee over ice 
  3. Top with Moma Barista Edition Oat Drink

Easy as that! Make the perfect coffee and SMASH 75p off on the app. 


Ready-made picnic?

Yes please. Skip the kitchen and grab a takeout from one of these amazing restaurants…

  • Leon - We’ve been loving their Summer Berry & Pomegranate Yoghurt Pot to get us in the mood for those warmer days. Make sure to get your 20% off on the SMASH app too!
  • Tortilla - Delicious Mexican food enjoyed in the sun? That’s what we’re tacoin’ about. Remember to SMASH 20% off on the app. 
  • Zabardast - Their wraps are the ultimate picnic addition. Get 20% off the Grilled Halloumi, Falafel and Hummus with Tamarind chutney wrap for the perfect excuse to go and enjoy a picnic.

Over to you 

We can’t wait to see your SMASHing picnics. Make sure to tag us to share how you get on! 


Chief Marketing Officer, SMASH

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