Date Night Ideas for Less: SMASH Valentine’s Day 2022


Chief Marketing Officer, SMASH

Love it or hate it, February the 14th is heading our way and we’re ready to SMASH it out of the park.  Whether you’re wooing a partner or having some “me time”, a yummy dish is always a great idea! Let’s drool… err we mean dive into some SMASH-approved Valentine's Day suggestions…


The V-Day Classic 

The typical Valentine's plan usually consists of a fancy meal out followed by going home and… checking your bank account - seriously, how can a dinner cost so much?! Swap your usual dinner date with huge savings! Classy, casual or fun, we have a date suggestion to suit any Valentine’s vibe… 

YO! - Keep the date light and fun and suggest grabbing some sushi! With 20% off, if your date isn’t in the sushi mood, why not fly solo to make the most of this killer deal! 

Zizzi’s - Show your date you’re tortellini in love with them by taking them to Zizzi’s this Valentine’s (’ll get 20% off too). DISCLAIMER: they may decide that the Rigatoni Pomodoro is their one true love instead of you…

Tortilla - Let’s taco about self-love this Valentine’s. Book in some me-time and dig into the Naked Burrito with 20% off (amigos welcome - why not make it a Palentine’s mate date?)! 

Wahaca - First date? Keep this casual but delicious with Wahaca. Fresh and vibrant street food and all the positive vibes, a date at Wahaca will be a BIG win. Make sure to SMASH 20% off their tasty Rainbow Bowls. 

Turn Up The Heat

Close the curtains, light some candles and get up close and personal with… your spatula. Don’t kill the vibe by spending all night in the kitchen, trust us. The stressed-out, food splattered clothes are not a sexy look - just SMASH a meal kit. You’ll get the credit for cooking a romantic meal, with all the fresh ingredients delivered to your door and a guaranteed perfect result…

Hello Fresh - Cooking from scratch is made easy! No planning, no shopping, just the perfect Valentine’s meal. SMASH up to 50% off too.

SimplyCook - Spice up Valentine’s by adding some flavour to your meal. Grab your ingredients and follow the simple recipe - honestly, we’ll be SMASHing this on our solo date. Claim your FREE trial box now. 

Grubby - Cook a plant-based Valentine’s meal that will make a difference. You can even set the mood with the included Spotify prep-playlist. SMASH 50% off now!

Keep Things Sweet 

Why not just skip to the most romantic course? Valentine’s is the perfect excuse to just have dessert (what? - we’ve all considered it)! Swap your usual dessert for a better, SMASH-approved option!


The Coconut Collaborative Chocolate Little Pots have 50p off and are the perfect addition to any date (with such naughty potential, you wouldn’t believe they’re dairy-free)! 


Or put a little more effort into your dessert date with the Sweetpea Pantry Pancake Mix. Top with strawberries and watch the romance blossom -  plus you can SMASH 75p off! 



So whether you have a hot date, a trusty Palentine’s plans, or you’re flying solo, make sure your Valentine’s is truly delicious with SMASH. Head on over to the SMASH app now and discover even more deals to make your Valentine’s Day special. 


Chief Marketing Officer, SMASH

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